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From: Lana Hawkins

Re: How I Managed To Achieve Greater Fitness Levels, Health & Energy In My Fifties Than Men & Women Half My Age ... And More Importantly How You Can Do It Too!

Dear Friend,

Lana HawkinsAs I sit here to write this letter to you I can’t help but feel mixed emotions. Why mixed emotions? Why do I feel both Sadness & Sheer Joy? Please allow me to explain.

First, let me share with you why I feel sheer joy. You see I have the good fortune to be in terrific physical health in my fifties. In fact I have more energy than many people I know that are half my age. I regularly go for hikes in the mountains and I love to ride my bike. I’m just bursting with energy and I feel great.

      I love riding my bike 10 – 30 miles at a time. I know when you read that you may think you could never do that ... You know, I thought that was out of the question for a long time then I worked up to it and fifteen miles seems like nothing.

      How is this possible? Well it is because I have been fortunate (blessed perhaps) to find a simple health and fitness system that practically anyone can follow. I want to share that system with you ... but first ...

      Let me share with you why I feel such sadness.

      Frankly it is because of you! It is because of you (and people I see everyday just like you) who are suffering from poor physical fitness and general lack of good health.

      It saddens me to see you struggle to achieve good health and fitness in your life. Perhaps you are like so many people ... confused and unsure of what to do to achieve the level of health and energy you are looking for.

      So many people go from one fad diet to the next. They lose a little weight only to regain it all back again plus some. Or they find out about some new workout routine and follow that for awhile. When they fail to get the results they are looking for they jump onto the next wonder workout plan.

      Sound familiar?

      The thing is ... It’s not your fault that you are totally confused about what you need to do to improve your health.

There Is So Much Information Out There On Health
& Fitness It Is Hard To Know Who To Believe.

      You know what I mean right? There are so many gurus out there and self confessed experts who all claim to have the answer you are looking for. But how can they all be right? I mean most of the time they just contradict each other and confuse everyone else.

      Aren’t you sick of it? I know I was.

      I got sick and tired of not being sure about the best way to improve my health and fitness. I was sick and tired of not know what foods to eat that kept me trim and healthy without having to be on a diet. I was sick and tired of paying for gym memberships that I never used.

      One day I got to the point where I was just plain sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am sure you have been there. You just want to find a simple lifestyle system that you can easily follow for the rest of your life that leads you to great health, trim and lean body, and loads of excess energy.

      If that is where you find yourself right now then here is some vital information you need to know ...

Your Average Fitness Trainer Or Personal Trainer
May Not Be Able To Help You!

      What I hear you shriek? Why do I claim that the average fitness professional may not be able to help you achieve your health and fitness goals?

      Well think about it for a moment. Who typically is drawn to become a Fitness Trainer or Personal Trainer? That’s right, typically it is someone who has always been into sport and physical fitness and usually they are in their early twenties.

      Now don’t get me wrong ... there are many good fitness professionals out there BUT do you really think that a bubbly twenty something fitness fanatic who spends their whole life at the gym can possibly understand how challenging it is for you to maintain your fitness as you get into your thirties, forties or beyond?

      I’m not saying this to be critical of the fitness industry. I’m certainly not trying to suggest that you won’t find the answers to your personal fitness challenges down at the gym. What I am saying is this...

You Need A Realistic Health & Fitness System That
You Can Easily Follow For Life.

      Not so long ago I was in a situation like you may be in right now. I was searching for a simple health & fitness system that would allow me to:

  • Easily maintain my ideal bodyweight

  • Allow me to eat what I wanted to without gaining weight

  • Improve my health so that I was younger than my years

  • Leave me bursting with excess energy

  • Improve my quality of life

  • Simple exercise routines that I could do at home

  • A workout routine that was flexible enough to suit my schedule

  • Be able to still workout when I travelled

  • Allow me to adjust the workout intensity

  • Leave me looking and feeling younger

      I was searching for a simple system that would allow me to achieve all of the above. In my search I met Jocelyne who I will tell you about in a moment. First though just imagine this...

You Are At Your Ideal Bodyweight, You Have Great
Health, Amazing Levels Of Fitness & You Are
Bursting With Energy.

      Just for one moment close your eyes and think about being just like that. Picture yourself at your ideal bodyweight yet you never have to worry about which diet to go on again. See yourself being in great health with loads more energy.

      How incredible does that make you feel right now? 

      I have no doubt that with the right knowledge following a few simple steps you could create that level of health and fitness in your life starting today ... starting right now.

      I know it is possible for you to achieve all of your health and fitness goals. I have done it and you can do it too if you are really serious.

      When I met my fitness trainer Jocelyne all of that became possible for me. She followed a simple philosophy which I know you are going to love and want to get your hands on as well.

      What she taught me has led me to achieve a level of health and fitness that I only ever dreamt about before. If I could wave a magic wand and give you my health and fitness I would do that for you. Of course I cannot do that so let me give you the next best thing:

Introducing ‘Fit, Healthy Self’ ... The Last Book On
Health & Fitness You Will Ever Need To Buy!

      After just a short time working out with Jocelyne and following her advice I began to notice major shifts in my health and fitness levels. Her ideas where so practical and made so much sense to me that a voice inside my head was saying...

‘This is the health and fitness advice you have been looking for’

      Because I was so excited about the improvements in my own health and fitness I sat down with Jocelyne and told her we had to put together a book on her ideas so that other people like you can benefit from this.

      So if you want to have greatly improved health, more energy, lose weight without dieting, enjoy workout routines that you can do from home and more then you will want to get your hands on this right away.



Everything You Need To Know About Improving Your
Health & Fitness In One Manual That Cuts Through The
Confusion And Really Works!

Here is why I am so certain that Fit, Healthy Self is the last health and fitness book you will need to read:

  • Why your health is a precious gift to nourish and maintain

  • How to keep your fitness plan as simple as possible

  • The key to keeping your body young and vital

  • The right mindset for health and wellbeing

  • Why you may need to only make small changes to get on the right track to health and fitness

  • What to do when you are travelling

  • How to fit in your workouts when you have no time

  • How to plan for success with your healthy lifestyle

  • The one thing you must do before working out ... this is critical!

  • Easy solutions to warming up and preventing injuries

  • The absolute importance of balance in your body

  • Which muscle groups to workout first

  • What you must drink to keep your energy up

  • Should you stretch before or after your workout?

  • Why affirmations may hold the key to your success

  • Setting your fitness goals in writing

  • Creating an action plan to get on track to health and fitness

  • Breaking your large goals down into manageable steps

  • Planning to shed excess pounds ... how to do it right

  • Super fitness using 1% of your time each week

  • Workouts that don’t require you to join a gym

  • Everyday equipment you can use to enhance your workout

  • Learn about the different body parts you will want to work

  • The best exercise to burn calories

  • Calculating your Target Heart Rate

  • How to get into the Fat Burning Zone

  • What is the Aerobic Zone and the Anaerobic Zone

  • How to manage your weight easily without diets

  • Enjoy the foods you love without gaining weight

  • Simple ways to burn 100 calories a day or more

  • How to calculate your ideal bodyweight

  • What is your BMI?

  • How many calories are in the food you are about to eat?


      I know that sounds like a lot of information packed into one little manual but I can assure you that it is easy to follow. We have deliberately cut out anything that might lead to confusion because confusion leads to people doing nothing, right? So you can be confident that you can easily follow everything inside this ‘Fit, Healthy Self’.

You Are Also Going To Be Getting...

      Because we wanted to make ‘Fit, Healthy Self’ the last book you will ever need to buy we have also included the following bonuses inside the book:

Bonus #1 – Simple Easy To Follow Work Out Routines

That’s right ... we have included some simple to follow work outs that you can easily use anywhere anytime in less than thirty minutes. These work out routines are designed to suit any level of fitness so they can be increased in intensity as your fitness improves. Jocelyne shows you how.

Bonus #2 – Calorie Expenditure Chart

We have included a chart showing you the calories expended per hour for different activities like gardening, playing golf, swimming, jogging and so on. This way you can easily calculate how much exercise you need to burn off excess pounds you may be carrying around.

Bonus #3 – Heart Rate Charts

Working out in the right heart rate zone is a vital key to getting the right results from your workouts. So we have included heart rate charts for both men and women to allow you to quickly calculate what your heart rate needs to be to get into the fat burning zone, the aerobic zone or the anaerobic zone depending on your goals.

Bonus #4 – Calories in Food Charts

Most people do not realise just how many calories they consume each day. We have added in these handy calories in food charts to allow you to identify how many calories you are eating every day.  This way you will know specifically what to eat and what not to in order to achieve any weight goal you have.

      I am sure as you think about all of the great information you are about to get your hands on you can see how this is a complete system to enable you to once and for all achieve your health and fitness goals.  When you make a positive decision to get ‘Fit, Healthy Self’ right now you will recognise that just making the decision to do something positive in your life will immediately set you on the right track towards your goals.

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      Even if you are seriously considering buying a copy of Fit, Healthy Self right now please don’t just take my word for it. It is important that, even though I have the level of health and fitness you are probably looking for right now, you satisfy yourself that this is the right thing to do.

Read what others are saying about this life changing book:

Read What Others Are Saying:

Your book was short to the point and yep it even had math formulas! Read it all. Since my mishap I am following a very healthy life style. I'm finding more enjoyment in it and no urges to binge and ENERGY!  As you know an overhaul of Bob has been underway for sometime. Our Starbucks chat shed light on it. When I thought I quit working out a couple of years only to have Matt, my son, inform me it was 7!

I will use the book for life changes that become easy to follow. If anyone one has starved, fad dieted and exercised only to come to grips with the fact your body is not eighteen any more, it's me. I learned that after fainting, and yes, severing my ear. My blood sugar level had fallen below 31 and my electrolytes had fallen to a level where I was being monitored for cardiac arrest. Two IVs of saline solution eventually kept me from that fate. As I told EMTs -- I gave it a valiant fight but I'm not eighteen any more. Changes, not tricks work.

 Again you’re amazing and thank you, Bob K.

Read What Others Are Saying:


I have known you for a long time now. It’s really great of you to share some of your knowledge and personal achievements in this ebook.  You have always worked hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your determination and positive attitude is inspiring. Just by following the plans in your book any person could greatly improve their fitness or health level and it doesn’t require a huge time commitment or large cash outlay.  

Keep up the good health!    Love,  Debra R.

A Limited Offer Is Your Opportunity To Save!

      Right now you may be wondering just how much it will be for you to get your copy of ‘Fit, Healthy Self’ today. Well I will tell you that in a moment.

      For now though consider this...

      How much will it cost you to join a gym for a year even if you don’t go beyond the first couple of weeks? Probably about $800 - $1000 right?

      And what about getting a personal trainer to workout with? Well you can reasonably expect to invest somewhere around the $100 to $300 dollar mark every week. Multiply that out by 6 months and you can see that this is a massive investment with no guarantee of success.

      What about all of the diet fads you have probably tried in the past?

      How much money would you say you have wasted on meal replacement shakes, pills, Jenny Craig, fat burners, diet books and more? If you are like most people it is probably thousands of dollars true?

      The great news is that ‘Fit, Healthy Self’ will only be a fraction of the amounts of money many people routinely spend looking for a solution to being fit, lean and healthy.

      If you are smart you will want to take advantage of this limited opportunity to grab a copy for next to nothing. You see a marketing consultant recently suggested we should sell this great e-book for at least $97.

      Think about ... if you get just one good idea that forever changes your health and fitness then $97 is dirt cheap right?

      I thought about pricing it at that level but I decided that I wanted to make sure that everyone could get a copy to improve their fitness level.

      So I suggested we sell it for just $37.

      The problem is our marketing consultant friend said that was to cheap and we were giving it away. He said that too many people would buy it but then not do anything about it.

      Well I managed to convince him that you are probably serious this time about making permanent changes in your health and fitness, especially if you have read this far.

      Long story short we came to a compromise and this is where you can take advantage of this generous offer ... but only for a short time.

      We agreed to run a marketing test for just $39.95 for a limited time. So if you act right now then you can grab a copy for this low low price before the marketing test period ends.

Trial ‘Fit, Healthy Self’ For 60 Days!

      I am so confident that this is the information you need right now to change your health and change your life forever I am prepared to offer you our insane 100% No Questions Asked 56 Day Money Back Guarantee!

100% No Questions Asked... 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Take this eBook for a test drive. You have 56 days to make sure this eBook is everything I say it is!

This means you have absolutely, without-a-doubt, nothing to lose at all! Take it for a test drive.  Make sure it is what I say it is -- or your money back. 

      So you know that you can get your copy of ‘Fit, Healthy Self’ with total confidence that if my simple plan for total health and fitness does not work for you then you can get your money back no questions asked.


Yes Lana! I'm ready to start or continue my journey on a path of fitness and health for life! 

I understand that by placing my secure order today, I will be getting instant access to this powerful resource that is capable of teaching me how to exercise correctly and safely wherever I am.

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      I've spent years and countless dollars on personal fitness with personal trainers and gym memberships. I have read numerous books and articles on health and sports training. And I am an active person and I live what I write. You can benefit from all my experience.

Order ‘Fit, Healthy Self’ Right Now And You Will
Also Receive 9 High Quality Instructional Videos!

      We recorded nine videos of Jocelyne and I performing various exercise routines that are easy to do at home, or anywhere for that matter.

      Originally we were going to sell these videos separately but they are so important that if you order right now I will include them for you.

      The videos can be watched online, or you can download them to your computer to watch at another time. You could even download them to your cellphone if you want to watch them on the run.

      Here is what you get in these nine bonus videos:

       Bonus Video 1 – ABS

      Bonus Video 2 – Arms

       Bonus Video 3 – Back

      Bonus Video 4 – Biceps

       Bonus Video 5 – Cardio

      Bonus Video 6 – Legs

       Bonus Video 7 – Push Ups

      Bonus Video 8 – Shoulders

       Bonus Video 9 – Triceps

       Note: All of these videos feature my personal trainer Jocelyne so you are getting a fully qualified fitness professional showing you step-by-step through a complete full body work out that you can perform practically anywhere and anytime.

       Just these videos alone are worth more than the price we are asking for the entire package. Remember though this special price is just a marketing test and our marketing consultant may convince us at any moment to increase the price to the $97 he wants us to charge.

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Just think of it this way, staring right now you can always have the information and demonstrations you need to get into shape or stay that way for the rest of your life.

Download Fit, Healthy Self right now and have access to your own personal trainer any time you need one.

Here's wishing you all the health and fitness you deserve!

Lana Hawkins

PS. If you've tried to work on your fitness before and failed it's not your fault. You just need to learn how to take the steady slow approach and gradually change your habits.

PPS. Remember, this is not a hype filled book with promises of instant transformation into a super model overnight. This is real information from real people who struggle with the same issues you do and know that false promises will get you nowhere. This is real, solid information to help in your transformation to what you want to be.

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Whoops! I almost forgot to mention one last bonus that is really important. When you order your copy of ‘Fit, Healthy Self’ right now you will also receive lifetime updates of the book and information in it.

What this means is that every time we update the e-book, videos or information you will receive a copy of the updated version. This is really important because the field of health and fitness is changing all of the time and you will want to know the latest science and research.

So you will get lifetime updates as part of our marketing test price of just $39.95.


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